Workplace wellbeing services

Bereavement in the workplace can be challenging to manage: employees may need to take time off unexpectedly; find their performance is impacted, or be temporarily unable to perform certain roles. However a compassionate and supportive approach demonstrates that the organisation values its employees, helps build commitment, reduces sickness absence, and retains the workforce (HM Government, 2010).

Everyone reacts differently to bereavement, and this should be understood and respected by both employers and colleagues. 

Our services can contribute to your organisations holistic Employee Wellbeing and Engagement Strategies. 

Help your colleagues deal with the personal and practical challenges that face the bereaved with our unique services and training.

1:1 virtual employee support services

The Sunset Plan offers 1:1 virtual practical support to help deal with non-legal matters after a bereavement. We can discuss with your employee their individual needs, create a practical plan of action and support them through the various administrative tasks that follow a death.

We can contact services on their behalf, deal with practical and admin tasks or simply help guide them through what to do next. We can take some tasks off their plate, so they can focus on adjusting to life after a loss.

Our flexible, compassionate services can support your employees when they need it the most. We can signpost on to other relevant services where required. This service can be the perfect compliment to your existing Employee Assistance Programmes and Counselling services. 

Hourly rates or packages of support are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements, availability and pricing.

Staff awareness sessions

End of life and bereavement are matters that will affect every one of your staff members at some stage in their career. By offering our unique awareness sessions to your employees, can demonstrate that you are a compassionate and open employer. Practical end of life planning and after-loss support should be a vital part of your workplace’s health, wellbeing and lifestyle agenda. 

Our 90 minute awareness sessions can be delivered to your whole workforce or be tailored specifically to managers and leaders. 

Contact us HERE to join the waiting list for our sessions, to discuss your organisations requirements, enquire about availability and discover our pricing.  


Practical end of life planning is about creating a practical road map for others to follow in the future. Often people think that if they have a will or an estate plan, that their loved ones will have everything the need after a death. The Sunset Plan focuses specifically on supporting people to capture the many details, documents, paperwork and information that others will need one day. To learn more about what exactly is practical end of life planning, read our blog post here

We understand that the subject content can be a challenge. The Sunset Plan has a light approach to discussing this topic and it is done so in a sensitive way. We do not focus on death and dying nor the legal or medical aspects of end of life. We are able to look at this matter more holistically and ask ‘what about everything else?’ We break the session down in to manageable sections that can give people a starting point to make their own personalised future plans without feeling overwhelmed.

No – The Sunset Plan is not a counselling service, grief expert or bereavement specialist. Our services encourage people to create future practical plans and also support people with the array of life admin after a death. This service can complement your existing Employee Assistance Programme and any counselling services you offer.  

We ensure that after-care is discussed in each session. We provide clarity at the start and end of each session as to what services we can and cannot provide. We signpost people on to services that can support them should they need some further support and assistance.

If staff are absent due to a bereavement, they will have many competing demands on top of dealing with their grief. One of the challenges is dealing with the many practical matters after a death. This can cause a great deal of stress and upset, on top of juggling the many demands of normal life.

Signposting your employees to counselling services is a great first step. Then why not let us step in and bridge the gap between employer and employee? We can provide structure to the various tasks they may be facing. We can offer to simply discuss the to-do list they have and how best to tackle it. Or we can offer to take some of the admin tasks off their plate. We are always guided by the client and there is no pressure to engage with our services.

This can be useful if the line manager is struggling to have the right conversation or is not able to commit the time to guiding their team member with practical support.  

In the awareness sessions, we can offer PDF templates, printed booklets or free access to our digital vault platform. This will support people to capture their information, documents and wishes in a way that suits them, ready for when it is needed.

We also direct attendees to our website and social media channels if they want to learn more about practical end of life planning.

We recommend that staff awareness sessions are for 8 people maximum. Due to the nature of the topic, this is to ensure that everyone is well supported through the session and has time to ask any questions they may have.

The sessions can be held virtually and last 90 minutes each. If you require in-person sessions, please contact us to discuss your requirements, availability and pricing. 

We understand that not all workplaces work to traditional 9am-5pm hours. We are flexible and can offer solutions to meet your needs. Simply get in touch to find out more.

Yes! We understand that line managers and leaders will, at times, need to support their employees through the challenges of bereavement and loss. We can adapt our sessions to suit managers to ensure they understand the issues facing bereaved colleagues – and how best to support them in these difficult circumstances.  

Nothing! Our services are completely confidential and we strictly adhere to GDPR regulations at all times.

Life is a journey….you never know what is around the corner. It is much better to have the conversation when you are in good health. It will be an emotional challenge if these conversations have to take place in the absolute final stages of someone’s life. It is much better to spend the final days, weeks or months of someone’s life enjoying those final precious moments  – rather than discussing life admin and rushing to make decisions and plans.

If you have ever had to deal with someone else’s life after a death, you will know the heartache and stress that this places on the bereaved. Planning ahead now, is a wonderful future gift to your others. Making sure your wishes are clearly mapped out and known while you are healthy removes the need for the dreaded ‘I think that’s what they would have wanted…’ conversations.

All sessions will be invoiced to your organisation and paid within 30 days. Invoices will be sent when the booking has been confirmed.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded. This is for both 1:1 sessions and staff awareness sessions.

If any in-person travel has commenced at the time of cancellation being received, reasonable costs for travel/accommodation will be re-charged to the client. 

We are not solicitors, financial advisors, estate planners. We do partner with these services when needed, to help you ensure you have the right protection and documentation in place. If you require a legal or financial advisors or estate planner, The Sunset Plan is happy to connect you with our established network of professional services.