What is a Sunset Plan?

The Sunset Plan does not provide any legal, financial or medical advice around dying and death.

It aims to give guidance and structure to your discussions about death. It encourages you to consider the practical areas of your life and what will need to happen when you are gone.

If this is discussed, recorded and updated regularly as a routine life admin task, this can really help others in the future. By creating your own Sunset Plan, you can have peace of mind that you will have all of your practical affairs in order for the future. 

The Sunset Plan aims to:

  • Encourage and normalise conversations around your end of life wishes
  • Provide prompts on various aspects of personal and family life that need to be considered
  • Provide resources to record your personal and practical information
  • Help your family resolve your practical affairs after death
  • Alleviate pressure on your loved ones
  • Ensure the right information is available to those who will need it in the future
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When should you review your Sunset Plan?

We encourage people to regularly update their end of life wishes. final decisions and important personal information in a format that is accessible to others. You should review your plans and arrangements often, making sure your loved ones know what your future Sunset Plans are.

This is even more important in the event of:

  • Changes in your financial circumstances
  • Births
  • Marriage / Civil partnerships
  • Divorce
  • Death of close family members or your executors
  • If you become unwell
  • If you move abroad
  • Changes in any relevant legislation that may impact on your property(s), financial or legal arrangements