What is a digital vault?

what is a digital vault

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With loved ones struggling to locate important paperwork, finding account details and knowing what to do with personal items, the administrative and practical burden that falls to families can be a real challenge.

There are on average 600,000 deaths in the UK alone each year. That equates to a lot of bereaved families who will be challenged with these difficult tasks when bereaved.

The Sunset Plan, the UK’s first practical end of life planning service, has launched a new online life organisation and legacy planning platform to meet this gap in services.

What is a digital vault?

The digital vault service is helping modernise end of life planning, with the aim of protecting people and preparing their loved ones for the future.  

A digital vault service allows you to securely organise, store and share your most important documents, files, wishes and memories in a secure, central location. Ensure your loved ones and trusted advisers have everything they need, should something happen to you. 

What do I store in my vault?

Store your will, property and financial details, practical life and family information as well as your end of life wishes online. This intuitive system walks you through step by step how to completely organise your affairs. 

The sections include:

  • About me
  • Finances
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Property & Vehicles
  • Legacy Planning

How much does a digital vault account cost?

There are two levels to the digital vault service – a free basic plan or a premium plan.

The Premium plan offers extra features such as increased storage and after-death sharing options. The premium plan is available for a monthly cost of £3.99 or £39.99 per year inclusive of VAT.

How do I know the vault is safe?

The Sunset Plan looks to build trust with its customers by providing you with industry leading security systems. The vault is powered by Legado technologies who offer ‘bank-grade’ security systems. 

This means that the platform adheres to the same or better security encryption standards as your bank. This means you don’t need to worry about anyone accessing or losing your data stored in our vault. The customer always stays in control of their data and who can access it. Find out more about how secure the vault is here

How do I share access to my vault?

The customer determines what is shared with whom and when, depending on your needs and preferences. Choose your Nominees and set your permission levels for each person. You decide whether to grant access to some, all or part of your digital vault. Easily add, update or remove who has permission to access your digital vault at any time.

Some customers require the ability to hold back some or all sections of their vault until after they are gone.  Designate an existing nominee as an After-Death Sharer. Set up your account so their access is only given after your death. Read more about After-Death Sharing here.

Customers can also extend account access to other professional services that are involved in their end of life planning. This can help diffuse any future conflict and help manage relationships, as all personal, legal and financial documents will be securely stored in one place. 

Enable professionals to upload documents such as your will, Lasting Power of Attorney, property details and estate plans direct to your vault.

How do I register for the digital vault?

Do you want to know how to register for the service…and see what the digital vault ACTUALLY looks like inside? 

Why not take our quick video tour? 

Discover how the registration process works, see the unique key features available and learn how to share access to your vault. 

Digital vault registration explainer video

Sign up for your digital vault today

Have peace of mind that your loved ones will have easy access to all your documents, details and wishes in the future. Help them smoothly bring administrative closure to your life by storing everything they need in your digital vault.

Create your FREE digital vault account with The Sunset Plan today!

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