What are Nominees?

what are nominees

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From files to photos, documents to important information – you can share everything you upload to your vault.  What you decide to share is up to you, and you can change people’s access permissions at any time. 

What is a Nominee?

A Nominee is someone in your inner circle of friends, family or trusted advisers whom you have enough trust in to provide full or partial access to your digital vault. Sharing access now or in the future can help you be organised on your journey through life, as well as help others at the end of your life.

By making someone a Nominee, you will enable them to quickly and easily access your important documents, information and wishes. This will allow your Nominees to efficiently manage your affairs after your death. 

You can choose to share access to specific files or sections of the vault or access to the entire vault.

Update, amend or revoke access at any time

You can instantly update your Nominees and preferences. Simply log in to your vault and add, amend or revoke access to your chosen Nominees at any time.

How are Nominees contacted?

Once you have selected a Nominee to have access to your account, they will receive an email powered by Legado. This email will alert them that they have been chosen as your Nominee and you have a digital vault account.

The email will give instructions for how to access the vault and view the libraries or documents depending on the levels of permission you have granted them.

From that point forward, unless otherwise instructed by yourself, they will be able to see the libraries or documents that you have explicitly invited them to have access to.  We recommend you inform Nominees that you are inviting them before you set them up.

Who should I invite as a Nominee?

You may find it useful to invite the following individuals and trusted advisers to view whole or part of your libraries. You will have full control over what you share with each Nominee.

  • a spouse or partner
  • your grown children
  • your solicitor
  • your accountant
  • your power of attorney
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