Practical end of life planning 1:1 consultation services

We offer flexible virtual life planning consultation services based in the UK. Choose from either hourly rates or packages of 1:1 personalised support, depending on your needs. Create a practical end of life plan that can give you peace of mind for the future.

We will conduct an overview of your circumstances, discuss your concerns and wishes for the future and a devise a practical plan you can implement in the short term. We will empower you to make meaningful plans for your future.

Services available include:

Hourly rate services

Ideal for people who just need support on an ad-hoc basis, need guidance on specific tasks or require a review of their existing practical end of life plan.

Individual hourly rate:  £45.00 per hour

Three or Six hour virtual support packages

Ideal for people who need a more comprehensive package of life organisation and legacy planning support. Sessions can be used flexibly over a 3 to 6 month period, depending on the package purchased. 

You can also purchase additional hours at a discounted rate of £40 per hour if you need more time.

Three hour package: £125.00           Six hour package: £240.00

What will the sessions help me with?

The sessions will:

  • Consider your current personal, home and family circumstances
  • Discuss your future financial, legal and estate planning needs, and signpost you on relevant professional partner services where required
  • Identify areas of your practical life that require further organisation and planning
  • Create a focused action plan that provides structure to your end of life, estate and life administration requirements
  • Offer practical solutions that can help you ensure your loved ones are practically prepared and protected for the future
  • After-Loss services to take some of the pressure off you when you need it the most. Let us take some of the practical stress off your plate to enable you the space to focus on yourself and your loved ones when bereaved

What will I achieve?

By the end of our sessions you will have:

  • A clear understanding of exactly practical end of life planning IS
  • Your route map to help you gather and organise the important details that others will need in the future
  • An action plan to address any gaps identified such as arranging a will, lasting power or attorney or advance decisions
  • Your key information and final wishes logically arranged in a way that suits you and is accessible to others when needed
  • Confidence to discuss your practical life and future plans with family and loved ones
  • Signposted on to relevant services and partner agencies
  • Peace of mind that others will be able to deal with your affairs more smoothly one day

Review your plan regularly

As life is constantly changing, we recommend a follow up consultation with The Sunset Plan every 3 years. We can support you to review, update and amend your plans, to reflect any changes in your circumstances.

‘In lieu of flowers’ – Pre-paid support services available

Do you want to leave a gift of our specialist services to your family after your death? Then why not pre-pay for your chosen package of After-Loss support. If you anticipate that your family would struggle to navigate the practical processes and admin after your death, then contact us to discuss how you can purchase after-loss support.

Have peace of mind that our specialist support services will be ready for them, when they need it the most.

Funeral flowers


That’s brilliant! However a will is a legally binding document that directs where your assets must go, who will benefit and who will execute your estate. The problem is accessing and locating the details needed, that can assist people who need to deal with the many aspects of life admin after a death. How would someone locate your will, get into your house, find the relevant important paperwork and know all the minor details in order to execute that will? This is where practical end of life planning supports the drafting of a will or estate plan.

Estate planning is about creating formal, structured plans for what should happen to your assets, liabilities and responsibilities. Our services help you gather the life details that often only you know about, that can help others with estate administration after your death.

The sessions are held virtually via Zoom or via telephone call. Each session lasts 60 minutes. We are flexible and can offer the sessions at a time to suit your circumstances. This service is based in the UK.

As much or as little as you want. Everyone is at a different stage of their life planning journey. Some may have never considered their own mortality or it may be a subject you are open with discussing already. The sessions are relaxed yet structured to make sure we understand your needs, identify what arrangements and plans you need to put in place and create a simple action plan to help you with your life organisation and legacy planning.

In each session, we will be working through a process to ensure we cover all aspects of your practical life – now and for the future. We will consider the practical tasks you can start working on now, as well as agree key actions at the end of each session. It is then up to you how much you implement and prepare in-between each session.

We recommend having sessions roughly 1-2 weeks apart. This is to ensure that we do not lose momentum when you get into planning mode! There will be times however where you may wish to bring sessions closer together or spread them further apart. This process is about YOU – so we will work at whatever speed and pace you are comfortable with.

Life is a journey….you never know what is around the corner. It is much better to have the conversation when you are in good health. It will be an emotional challenge if these conversations have to take place in the absolute final stages of someone’s life. It is much better to spend the final days, weeks or months of someone’s life enjoying those final precious moments  – rather than discussing life admin and rushing to make decisions and plans.

If you have ever had to deal with someone else’s life after a death, you will know the heartache and stress that this places on the bereaved. Planning ahead now, is a wonderful future gift to your others. Making sure your wishes are clearly mapped out and known while you are healthy removes the need for the dreaded ‘I think that’s what they would have wanted…’ conversations.

Absolutely! To book a free discovery call, get in touch with us or email us at

All sessions must be paid for at the time of booking via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Invoices will be sent when the booking has been confirmed.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded.

If any in-person travel has commenced at the time of cancellation being received, reasonable costs for travel/accommodation will be re-charged to the client. 

You can trust that The Sunset Plan fully complies with GDPR regulations at all times. You will be asked to sign a Client Agreement upon commencing with our services. You will also be asked to complete an Information Sharing Consent form that we can use when contacting other services on your behalf, to request authority to deal with matters on your behalf.  

The Sunset Plan team are fully DBS checked. 

We are not solicitors, financial advisors, estate planners. We do partner with these services when needed, to help you ensure you have the right protection and documentation in place. If you require a legal or financial advisors or estate planner, The Sunset Plan is happy to connect you with our established network of professional services.