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This website aims to stimulate conversations with yourself, friends and families around planning for the future. Creating a practical plan that details all aspects of your life and organising important information now – can help your loved one’s know what to do in the event of your death.

Everyone has a unique set of personal circumstances. Navigating someone else’s life following a bereavement is not easy. You may have faced very specific barriers or issues when dealing with someone’s life after their death. This website aims to provide general hints and tips to get the conversation started in advance and as part of normal life planning, rather than leaving it too late or at a time that is too difficult.

The information on this website is as accurate as possible. We do not accept any responsibility for any actions you take, based on the information published on this website.

Full disclosure – The Sunset Plan is not a legal, medical or financial professional service, a death or dying expert, a Counsellor or Mental Health professional or any other associated health care professional. We are regular human beings that have seen first-hand the practical difficulties that bereaved people face, in the most challenging circumstances.

After discovering there was no central resource to help people with the practicalities of ‘what to do after someone dies…’ – the website was created in response to that gap in support for the bereaved. This website does NOT offer or constitute any legal, medical, financial or counselling advice.

This service is UK based so the information may not be suitable for the rest of the world, due to different legislative, administrative and cultural differences. That is not to say we discourage readership from across the globe. Our aim is to encourage and normalise discussions around practical end of life planning, regardless of location.

Please contact us before copying the content of this site. All we ask is that you credit us if this information is shared or used elsewhere.

The content is based on personal experience and feedback from site users. When interacting with The Sunset Plan and its customers, all we ask is that you bear in mind the sensitive nature of this topic and the current situation of our website users.

We ask people to be kind and respectful of each other, the site and any contributors to it. The Sunset Plan does not tolerate any abuse, intimidation or threatening behaviour – whether virtually or in person.

The views expressed of customers and contributors do not always reflect the views of The Sunset Plan and its partners.

If you have any suggestions on information you would like to see added or covered, please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ form in the sidebar. Your feedback is always welcome!