Professional After-Loss Support Services

Do you have practical estate administration to complete but do not have the staff resources available? 

We offer professional and affordable virtual admin services, that specialise in practical end of life matters. Let us lead on locating, organising and processing the practical paperwork and routine tasks involved in finalising a client’s estate.  

How can we help you?

We can work through your clients administrative after-life while you focus on what you do best – dealing with the complex and technical matters involved in estate administration and probate.

This service can also be helpful if your client does not or did not have anyone to deal with practical matters on their behalf. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing or get in touch to book your discovery call today.

What practical services do we offer?

Each case will differ but some examples include:

  • Contact with your organisation to discuss your requirements and any tasks that you specifically require help with
  • Contact with the family, next of kin or involved parties to discuss their requirements
  • Locating and dealing with administrative tasks such as collating account details and services relevant to the client, cancelling services and mail that are no longer required and organising practical tasks
  • Attend the property (location dependent, travel costs may apply) to retrieve information, meet contractors, services or family members on site
  • Arrange and facilitate relevant third party services such as property valuations and house clearances
  • Keep an inventory of all contact made, tasks completed and provide images and documentation as required.


We understand that your staff team of Lawyers, Paralegals, students and admin staff are busy. Dealing with the practical matters for estate administration can be time consuming and complicated. Let us take some of the practical burden off your team with our specialist admin services.

We can discuss with you the needs of your client/case, agree a list of actions that we can support you with and liaise with families, organisations and services on your behalf.

Our rates are competitive and we are very flexible. Using our services can free up your team up to focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional legal and estate administration services.

Our services are available on an hourly basis with a minimum requirement of four hours per client/case. If you require a larger package of support, please contact us to discuss discounted rates.

Invoices will need to be paid directly to The Sunset Plan by your organisation. Should your client requires our direct services, we offer a range of relevant services that may be suitable for their needs. 

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded. If any in-person travel has commenced at the time of cancellation being received, reasonable costs for travel/accommodation will be re-charged to your service. 

We can use your client authority forms to contact various services, or we can send a copy of our Client Consent Form.

Let us assist you by locating the details and information you need, to be able to complete the estate administration. 

We can provide a local collection/delivery service of documentation (depending on location – travel costs may apply). Alternatively, we can receive and send documents via recorded delivery. We ensure that GDPR is strictly adhered to at all times.