Pets play a big part in our family lives. Each pet has their own personality, needs and routine. Would someone else be able to quickly take over the care of your pet if you were no longer here or unable to look after them? Consider who would you want to care for your pets when you are gone and let them know your wishes in advance.

Losing an owner can be very stressful for pets. By planning ahead, you can make arrangements so that the transition to their new life will be as smooth as possible. By knowing that they will be going to a good home if something were to happen to you, can help give you peace of mind.

Make sure that your pets new carers will know how to care for your pets, including their daily routines and where they can locate practical information if needed.

Consider the following:

  • Ownership paperwork if available – including date of birth, breed of animal
  • Health information such as vaccine records
  • Have they been neutered/spayed?
  • What Veterinary Practice are they registered with?
  • Do they have any health or dietary requirements?
  • How do you want them to be looked after?
  • Are they micro chipped? Where is this information so it can be changed as quickly as possible
  • Pet Insurance and Vets Health Clubs – do you have any policies in place?
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If you do not have anyone to pass ownership on to, look in to local rescue organisations that can assist with re-homing your pets. Many charities will be able to guide you through the process and how to record this information. It is important that people know your wishes around your pets.

The Cinnamon Trust provides support and information about caring for pets for the elderly or people with a terminal illness.