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After the death of a close relative who lived alone, my family were left to unravel their life. Despite have a long illness, little preparation was made for their final wishes or practical affairs after their death.

A will had been made to divide and allocate possessions. However there was very little left in the way of practical instructions, that could help with the process of formally bringing closure to their life. For the bereaved, this process can be very overwhelming. Funerals naturally have to be arranged in a very short space of time under immense pressure.

The funeral was a very fitting tribute to the life lived. However there is still a huge amount of guess work in deciding what would have been the persons preferred funeral choices.  

We spend so much time planning other aspects of our life…birth, marriage, families, homes and travel. Yet not many of us plan for the inevitable that will happen to us all one day – death and funerals.

After the funeral, I tried to help organise and complete some of the various practical tasks that were required. This was a very upsetting task for those close family members to deal with. I tried to help by locating important paperwork and I began making contact with the various companies to start the process of closing accounts and services.

I sought online resources and guidance when I came across practical stumbling blocks and just didn’t know what to do. I frequently found that I could not locate the advice and information that I needed. There did not appear to be any central website that focused on prompting and planning for the practical matters that follow a death.

So much needed to be worked through – the house clearance then the sale of the property, financial matters, legal issues, pets, personal possessions – the list was endless!

It was clear that there was a need for a central online resource to give people:

  • Prompts to encourage people to think about their own circumstances
  • Tools to help people to effectively plan and organise their own personal and practical affairs
  • A clear structure to help people arrange and record all of this key information – to help others when it is needed


Meet our Founder

I’m Kerry Jones, founder of The Sunset Plan. This personal story is the inspiration for the creation of this service. I wanted to create a practical solution to help support bereaved families with the many administrative challenges they face after a loss.  

Our services can help provide structure to your life organisation and legacy planning. Our tools and resources will hopefully inspire you to prepare and plan ahead. Creating a clear and accessible road map of your practical and administrative life, may help your loved ones avoid some of these difficulties one day. 

Kerry Jones Founder of The Sunset Plan

About Us

The Sunset Plan is based near Caernarfon in north Wales. Many of our services are available across the UK as virtual services and products.

I am a Welsh learner so please feel free to help me practise my Cymraeg. To read Our Story in Welsh, please click here: Ein Stori

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