Organising a Funeral Order of Service

Choosing funeral order of service booklets

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Organising the Funeral order of service or hymn sheet is an important task when arranging a funeral service or memorial. The order of service is a printed booklet that is given out to people attending the funeral that guides them through the service. It can be a keepsake for friends and family, as well as a special item that can be shared with others who are unable to attend the funeral.

Choosing the design and content of the booklet is an opportunity to reflect the style and personality of the deceased. Spend some time thinking about how you can individualise this booklet to ensure it truly represents and honours their life.

This post guides you through the top 3 things to consider when organising a funeral order of service.

1. Choosing a style and design

Consider the person and decide whether you would like something that is a traditional or modern design. The style you choose can help set the tone for the service. Using a professional service can provide you with a wide range of beautiful templates to choose from. They also can create bespoke designs to meet your individual needs.

Traditional styles can incorporate hymns and readings that would have been important to the deceased. It may include particular floral designs and graphics that could be favoured possibly for a more conservative funeral.

Modern designs may include multiple photos, choice of bright colours and may be more appropriate if the person would have wanted a more colourful send off.

2. Layout

The standard format for booklet layouts is:

Front page

  • Persons full name
  • A photograph
  • Date of birth
  • Date of their death
  • Date, time and location of the service
choosing funeral order of service
Choosing funeral order of service

Inside pages

This is where you can provide details of the service. This may include:

  • Photographs
  • List of music choices including entrance and exit music
  • Running order of the service
  • Hymns, prayers or verses
  • Readings
  • Eulogy – giving an overview of the person’s life, family and achievements
  • Commendation, Farewell and Committal

Back page

  • Photographs
  • Thank you message from the family for attending the service and for condolences received
  • Information regarding any requests for donations to go to a particular charity that the person or family may support
  • An invitation to a wake, gathering or refreshments after the service
choosing funeral order of service booklets

3. Printing the booklets

The final task is arranging for the printing of the booklets. Using a printing service can ensure they look professional and of good quality. This can also relieve some of the burden upon you in the days before the funeral.

If you opt to print them at home, use a good quality thick card that will withstand being folded. You will need access to a printer and colour cartridges.

The booklets will be handled for a long time on the day and can be kept for years, so you want to make sure they are designed to last.

Using a professional design service can really help you with making these decisions, and guide you through the process of design, ordering and delivery.

Have the conversation with your loved ones about the type of booklet and funeral you would like. Encourage others to plan ahead to alleviate some of the pressures when making these difficult decisions one day. Create your Sunset Plan today!

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