How secure is the digital vault?

how secure is the digital vault

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The Sunset Plan’s vault is powered by Legado technologies. Legado offers industry leading security systems with ‘bank-grade’ security as standard. This means you don’t need to worry about anyone accessing or losing your data stored in our vault.

What does ‘bank-grade’ security or encryption mean?

Legado understands that trust is the foundation of its relationship with customers. Legado value the confidence you have put in this system and take the responsibility of protecting your information seriously.

Respect for security and privacy has been built with the business since the beginning. Legado have ensured the very best security measures and practices have been implemented to protect sensitive information.

‘Bank-grade’ security means Legado adheres to the same or better security encryption standards as your bank. Legado routinely conduct security audits to ensure they always meet these standards. In additional to routine internal audits, Legado pay third parties to conduct additional security testing and external assessments to ensure the highest possible standards of security.

Securing your Data at Rest

Encrypt your data at rest, meaning when the data is in your Legado powered vault, only you can access it.

Securing Your Data in Transit

Legado employs several security measures to help safeguard the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of data in transit. Data in transit is when your data is moving over the internet from the user to Legado. When it is moving, it is encrypted, and no one is able to read that information.

Nominee, Adviser Access

Your Nominees and Advisers will have only have access to what you choose to share with them. You can revoke access to this at any time.

The Sunset Plan and Legado Access (End-to-end encryption)

The Sunset Plan and the Legado team have no access to view your files. Your files and documents are secured with locks, and only you have the special keys required to unlock and view your files and documents. For additional protection and security, every file has a unique lock and key.

Register for a Sunset Plan digital vault

Start planning for your future by signing up for your digital vault account today. Watch the video to learn more about the vault and its unique features and security systems. 

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