How does After-Death Sharing work?

how does after death sharing work

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What is After-Death Sharing?

Our Clients have asked for the ability to hold back sections of their digital vault until after they are gone.  We have provided for this need through allowing clients to designate an existing nominee as an ‘After-Death Sharer’ where you set up their access levels to be different upon your death.

Sharing options available 

The Client determines what is shared with whom and when, from the top-level folders down to individual files or forms within a section.  You will have the following options for each document type and section:

  • Not Share
  • Share Now
  • Share After-Death

Sharing Now makes items visible throughout your life and after-death. Share After-Death makes the information invisible until after the Clients death.

How does After-Death Sharing Work?

A Client can designate an existing nominee as an After-Death Sharer if they only want access to the vault to be shared after their death.  Any loved one or professional can inform the vault of the death.  

Robust information will be required to validate the death before any information or access is shared. This can include sight of the death certificate or being informed by a professional like a Solicitor.  

Once validated the After-Death Sharing sections will be activated and the relevant sections of the vault will become visible to the nominated persons.

How do we check that the access request is valid?

If someone attempts to report a death to seek access to a vault, these steps are taken to confirm the request is valid. This can provide reassurance that you would get a notification in the event of any fraudulent attempts to access your digital vault account. 

  • A message is sent to the Client’s email address stating the process has started and giving 48 hours to come back in case there has been any error.  After that time:
  • The Client’s access is stopped in the reasonable belief that anyone accessing the Vault with their credentials is doing so in breach
  • Access by all other roles is turned into read-only so that no changes can be made to the Vault. It remains then as a snapshot at the point Legado were informed of the death.  Professionals linked to the account are informed of the death.
  • An email is sent to those individuals designated as After-Death Sharers. This is to notify them Legado has been informed of the event and that they have been given a higher degree of access to the vault in line with the Client’s wishes.

Learn more about the digital vault service

To watch our short explainer videos that give an overview of the vault, its features and how the registration process works – click HERE. 

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