Last Days and Funeral Wishes

Last days

This is a very sensitive topic and often, there may be no control over where someone spends their final days. However it is worth considering what options are available to you. Would someone know your preferred wishes? 

If you have specific wishes, you should consider creating an Advance Care Plan. This is a personal statement of wishes. The purpose of an Advance Care Plan is to as far as possible, ensure the dying person’s wishes are followed and respected. 

Consider these areas:

  • Where would you want to be
  • Who would you want to be around you
  • What music would you like to be played
  • What atmosphere would you like
  • Who would know your wishes if you couldn’t speak for yourself? Are your family aware of your Advance Care plan if you have one?
  • Spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Medical and care preferences
  • Food and drink preferences/requirements

Funeral wishes

Who would organise your funeral on your behalf? Would someone know your final wishes? Discussing your choices ahead of time, can alleviate pressure on others when your funeral plans need to be made.

Funerals vary greatly in cost. Depending on the services and funeral you choose – they can be very expensive. Consider who would pay for your funeral. Would they be able to pay for this at potentially very short notice? 

Future help for your loved ones

Pre-paid funerals are increasing in popularity. You can make many decisions and payments in advance. This can give both you and your family peace of mind when you are gone. 

If you do have a funeral plan in place, make sure that people know about this, what it covers and where the paperwork can be found.

What type of funeral or final arrangements would you want?

Consider the following:

  • Location
  • Atmosphere
  • Religious or non-religious service
  • Burial, cremation or alternative options
  • Location of the burial – or where should your ashes be scattered?
  • Funeral hymn sheets – what would you like these to look like?
  • Lasting memorials such as headstones
  • Who should attend?
  • What music, poems and/or readings would you like?
  • Would you like anything specific in your Eulogy? Or anyone specific to present it?
  • Would you like flowers – or donations in lieu of flowers? If so, what is your preferred charity for the donations?

Would your loved ones know what to do?

Consider your final wishes and discuss these regularly with your loved ones. 

Make a clear plan then record and store your information, details, decisions and wishes in an easy to follow and accessible way.  

Have peace of mind for the future. Know that your loved ones will know what to do and have access to everything they need – when they need it.