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Do you need help to get organised?

Would you be able to quickly and easily locate all the practical information needed of your family members if you had to deal with their affairs after a death? 

Would someone be able to find all of your important information – and be able to work through it to start un-ravelling your life if you were no longer here?

It may be difficult to have these thoughts and discussions with your loved ones. Yet by focusing on the more practical aspects of what needs to be done after a death can help you get more organised whilst living.

This is not just a task for the elderly or dying. This is a helpful process to complete on a regular basis. By having all of your useful information recorded in one central place, can help you feel organised now – as well as help others when they need it.

Would your family know what to do if you were unexpectedly taken in to Hospital? Would they know where to find important information to help keep life going whilst you were unavailable?

How can a Sunset Plan help?

Having all of your information in one central place can help you and your family feel more in control.

Keeping track of where important family life information is kept can ensure that everyone can locate information quickly when needed.

Our editable downloadable PDF form or professionally printed booklets can guide you through the various areas of practical life you should consider.

There is a helpful checklist at the end of the document to make sure you have a full Sunset Plan in place.

Can you help family and friends?

If you do have elderly family or friends, why not purchase a copy for them? It can be helpful to discuss their wishes and gently encourage them to complete this document over time. 

The Sunset Plan provides structure to recording your information, gathering paperwork and prompts if there are documents that still need to be arranged, to ensure someone fully has their affairs in order. Think of it as an opportunity to help someone get organised. Have some meaningful advanced discussions and make sure future wishes are recorded.

It can be empowering to know that these conversations have taken place at a time and place that suits you. It is far better to have these discussions as part of life – rather than needing to make urgent arrangements at someone’s bedside in their final days.

Get your Sunset Plan resources today

Our products are available to help you and your loved ones plan ahead. If you prefer to create an online Sunset Plan, our digital vault service can help you securely store, organise and share your important paperwork, decisions and memories in one place. 

Take your time – completing your practical end of life plan is not something that can be completed in one day. Your life will change – and therefore, so will your Sunset Plan. It is helpful to revisit this regularly as the services we use and decisions we make can – and will – change.

Why not take a look at our blog posts to help guide you through some of the practical aspects of life that need to be considered after a death. By planning ahead and having these conversations now, will allow you to relax and enjoy life – knowing that all the information you will need one day, is already in place.

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