Digital Life

Consider what would happen to all of your online accounts, files and social media when you are gone.

What would you want to happen to these accounts? And more importantly – who would (and who could) have access to these files? 

Read more about planning and preparing for your digital afterlife to make sure your future wishes are known.

Tips for planning for your digital legacy

  1. Choose a Digital Executor

Make this a formal arrangement by naming your Digital Executor in your will.

2. Create a list

If you don’t want to store this information online, why not create a list all of your online accounts and account numbers? You do not need to provide passwords here if you are keeping this information in your home. Or create your Sunset Plan digital vault and list all of your accounts, passwords, services and future legacy wishes in one secure place. 

3. Instructions list

Make a list of what you would like to happen to each account. Social media rules are ever changing so you may want to consider each platform you use – and what should happen to each of these when you are gone.

As for photos, who should have access to these after you are gone? Make these wishes known in your digital will or in your vault.

4. Keep these wishes somewhere safe

Ensure these wishes can easily be found. Consider keeping these wishes with your will.

5. Back it up!

Create regular back ups of videos, photos and important information. If not, they could be lost before you are gone. 

Digital vault service

The Sunset Plan’s digital vault conveniently prompts you to consider each of the below types of online service that you may have. 

The intuitive system provides you with a structured approach to digital legacy planning with a safe space to record your details for each your services/devices:

Image of female typing on laptop
  • Password management
  • Email access
  • Devices
  • Social media accounts
  • E-commerce/shopping
  • Payment money management
  • Video streaming services
  • Music services
  • Cloud storage
  • Blogging
  • Gaming
  • Software
  • Web hosting
  • Messaging
  • VOIP services
  • Online accounts