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Our digital afterlife is something many of us need to plan for. We live our lives increasingly online with online accounts and services, social media accounts, file and media sharing platforms plus passwords – there is much to consider.

Who would you want to have access to these files? What would you want to happen to these accounts, files and social media profiles after you are gone? 

This post considers what steps you can take now, to plan ahead for your digital footprint after death. 

Tips for planning for your digital legacy

  1. Choose a Digital Executor

Make this a formal arrangement by naming your chosen Digital Executor in your will. Remember to make sure this is someone who is reasonably tech-savvy. If you nominate someone who doesn’t use online services, they may struggle to navigate the processes required to access and close your accounts.

2. Create a list

List a secure list of your online accounts, email accounts, service providers, account numbers, cloud based services, USB’s and media files. You do not need to provide passwords here. If you do want to create a list of log in details and passwords, make sure you use a secure trusted password vault service. Why not take a look at our digital vault service?

3. Give clear instructions

Make a clear list of what you would like to happen to each account.

Social media rules are ever changing. You may want to consider each platform you use separately and decide what should happen to each of these. Some people struggle to close down social media accounts when bereaved. 

Keeping them open can help some people feel like their person is still here. It is important to remember you will continue to receive regular reminders from social media timelines. This can present an emotional struggle for others – not to mention potential disputes if there is a difference of opinion as to whether accounts should remain open or closed. 

As for photographs, media and files, give clear advice as to who should have access to these after you are gone and how. Record these wishes in your digital will for clarity.

4. Keep these wishes somewhere safe

Ensure your digital afterlife wishes secure but accessible to others when needed. Why not keep your instructions with your will?

5. Back it up!

Don’t forget to create back-ups of videos, photographs, files and important information on a regular basis. 

Preparing for your
digital afterlife

It is important to take steps now, to protect your digital afterlife. If you do not put any provision or permissions in place whilst alive, your loved ones and family members may have little power to regain access after your death.

Read more about how The Sunset Plan can help you prepare for your digital afterlife here.

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