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Have you made your funeral wishes known? Have you had a chat about it – but not made any real
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How long does it take to unravel a life after a death
How long does it take to unravel a life after a death? Consider some of the practical and emotional challenges
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Encourage family and friends to record their important life information in one place. Make practical end of life planning easy
What to do when someone dies
What are the practical steps needed when someone dies? After registering the death & planning the funeral, there are many
Considering your funeral options
Plan your own! Who wants to think about their own funeral – let alone plan it? One day someone
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Who knows where all of your treasured belongings are in your home and what they are worth? This post looks
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Launching a blog about death and dying as coronavirus swept across the globe may appear like bad timing. It was
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The story of elderly neighbours with no family nearby. What will happen when someone has to unravel their lives when
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The story behind the website and why it has been created. Here we explain what is a Sunset Plan -