what is an end of life doula
Read our interview with End of Life Doula Sabrina Singh. Find out how Doulas can support people and their loved
how does after death sharing work
After-death sharing gives the Client has the ability to hold back access to some or all sections of their digital
what are nominees
Granting full or partial vault access to your chosen Nominees, puts you in control of who you share your data
how secure is the digital vault
Read more about how secure The Sunset Plan’s vault is, as it is powered by Legado technologies. Offering industry leading
what is a digital vault
A digital vault service allows you to securely organise, store and share your most important documents, files, wishes and memories
Image of typing
The Sunset Plan has launched a digital vault service, providing a secure central location to organise, store and share your
Image of car
Dealing with vehicles and paperwork after someone dies needs to be prioritised. Knowing where to start and how to locate
Image of library books
Organising your possessions and decluttering your home regularly is a helpful way of helping your loved ones when you are
Image of ladies on a bench
Dealing with death from a distance is complicated. Having family that you live long distances or overseas from, can bring real
dealing with personal possessions after death
Our guide provides 5 easy to follow steps when dealing with personal possessions after a death. Our step by step
Image of woman on laptop
Dealing with digital accounts and services after a death is an important task. Who can - and should - access
Practical items to be returned after someone dies
Returning practical items after someone dies may seem a little trivial. You may not realise what can - or should
Tips for organising important paperwork in your home
We share our top 10 tips for processing and arranging your important paperwork. Being organised with your admin can help
5 tips for practising self-care after a death
Prioritising and practising self-care after a death is crucial for your own health and wellbeing. Following these top 5 tips
Organising your affairs for the future
Do you have your life completely organised, ready for any eventuality? Are your affairs fully in order so that practical
What is practical end of life planning
Practical end of life planning is a necessity for everyone. As death remains a taboo subject, why not think of
Discussing end of life plans with family
Has a family member started discussing your end of life wishes with you and it has caused you concern? This
Closing a bank account after someone dies
Closing the bank accounts of a loved one after a death can be a complicated and daunting prospect. This step
Writing a eulogy
A eulogy is a speech that is given at someone’s funeral or memorial service to pay tribute to their life.
Choosing funeral order of service booklets
Organising the Funeral order of service or hymn sheet is an important task when arranging a funeral or memorial. This