The Sunset Plan

Practical end of life planning services

Our mission is to support people to create practical end of life plans, that prepare and protect your loved ones for the future. Our services provide structure to your life planning and organisation tasks. 

Creating a full road map of your life and all of it’s important details – can help to make life easier on your loved ones when you are no longer here. We also offer unique practical After-Loss support services to help you deal with life after a loss. 

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Life organisation and legacy planning services

The Sunset Plan

What is a Sunset Plan?

Guidance, encouragement and structure to plan for practical end of life matters, that others will need to deal with when you are gone

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What is a digital vault?

Find out more about our digital vault services, the security features offered, how to choose your Nominees and learn more about After-Death Sharing 

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Planning Resources and Tools

Find out about our range of life organisation and legacy planning products. Help your family get organised with our range of affordable resources.

Digital vault services

The Sunset Plan is pleased to offer our customers FREE access to our secure life organisation and legacy planning platform. 

The innovative digital vault service allows you to securely organise, store and share your most important information, documents, wishes and memories.

Ensure your loved ones and trusted advisors will have everything they need in the future. Getting your affairs in order couldn’t be easier!

Planning ahead for what matters to you

Personal Information

Organise your personal information to help others easily resolve your affairs

Home Life

Household bills, paperwork, vehicles, personal possessions and de-cluttering – we look at how to plan ahead

Money & Legal Matters

Finances, work and income, legal paperwork – get your important paperwork organised 

Funeral wishes & last days

What would you like your last days to look like? Consider your funeral wishes and make a plan

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Digital Life

Who would be able to access your digital accounts and services after death? We look at plans you can make to help your loved ones access your information

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Consider who you would want to care for your pets when you are gone